30 Day Challenge – Day 10

Oops, I've been forgetting to do these, I've been distracted recently. O.k. A song that makes me sad, i'm going to have to go with "I'm gonna fall" by Ash. Music reminds people of different points in their lives, the same song can mean different things to different people and the right, or wrong, song … Continue reading 30 Day Challenge – Day 10


Mar 11 – Ladytron – Light & Magic

Recommended by Hannah I'm kinda torn on this album, theres stuff I like about it, but I'm not especially enamoured with synth-pop, I find it a little dull and I prefer something that provides a different energy. I enjoyed the more electro-pop aspects of this though. Its an album I could happily have on as … Continue reading Mar 11 – Ladytron – Light & Magic

Mar 9 – Lin-Manuel Miranda – Hamilton

Recommended by Hannah This one was a tricky one, clocking it at just north of 150 minutes I could only really listen though it once. Plus it's been talked about to death from people who love it and people mocking the people who love it. I actually really enjoyed this album, each track was interesting, … Continue reading Mar 9 – Lin-Manuel Miranda – Hamilton

Mar 8 – Evanescence – Fallen

Recommended by Stephen I have a huge, huge place in my heart for Nu-Metal. I got in to slipknot for their first album and honestly never looked back. Despite this I'm not actually sure if I've really listened to this album before, I remember most of their songs from Kerrang way back when, so the … Continue reading Mar 8 – Evanescence – Fallen

Mar 7 – Justice – Cross

Recommended by Matt It's been nice to get some upbeat electronica, from thinking about what I've been enjoying these past few days I can tell i'm currently in a place where everything needs to have elements of funk in there, which this album definitely has in places It's got that good drive that makes it … Continue reading Mar 7 – Justice – Cross

Mar 6 – Leon – Leon

Recommended by @Leyawn A super cute album that wears it's nintendo influences proudly and openly. Drawing open inspiration from the SNES, N64 and Gamecube eras this short piece is a lovely, easy listen. Of the four tracks present I definitely enjoyed Honey Milk Island the best, it feeling like it pushed things a bit more … Continue reading Mar 6 – Leon – Leon

Mar 4 – STRFKR – Being no-one,Going Nowhere

Recommended by Fiendly It took a while for me to appreciate this album. But once i managed to focus on it for a bit i found it an enjoyable, laid back affair. Its good music to do other things to but definitely stands up if you can actually listen to it as well. Theres a … Continue reading Mar 4 – STRFKR – Being no-one,Going Nowhere