Mar 11 – Ladytron – Light & Magic

Recommended by Hannah I'm kinda torn on this album, theres stuff I like about it, but I'm not especially enamoured with synth-pop, I find it a little dull and I prefer something that provides a different energy. I enjoyed the more electro-pop aspects of this though. Its an album I could happily have on as … Continue reading Mar 11 – Ladytron – Light & Magic

Mar 9 – Lin-Manuel Miranda – Hamilton

Recommended by Hannah This one was a tricky one, clocking it at just north of 150 minutes I could only really listen though it once. Plus it's been talked about to death from people who love it and people mocking the people who love it. I actually really enjoyed this album, each track was interesting, … Continue reading Mar 9 – Lin-Manuel Miranda – Hamilton

Mar 8 – Evanescence – Fallen

Recommended by Stephen I have a huge, huge place in my heart for Nu-Metal. I got in to slipknot for their first album and honestly never looked back. Despite this I'm not actually sure if I've really listened to this album before, I remember most of their songs from Kerrang way back when, so the … Continue reading Mar 8 – Evanescence – Fallen

Mar 7 – Justice – Cross

Recommended by Matt It's been nice to get some upbeat electronica, from thinking about what I've been enjoying these past few days I can tell i'm currently in a place where everything needs to have elements of funk in there, which this album definitely has in places It's got that good drive that makes it … Continue reading Mar 7 – Justice – Cross

Mar 6 – Leon – Leon

Recommended by @Leyawn A super cute album that wears it's nintendo influences proudly and openly. Drawing open inspiration from the SNES, N64 and Gamecube eras this short piece is a lovely, easy listen. Of the four tracks present I definitely enjoyed Honey Milk Island the best, it feeling like it pushed things a bit more … Continue reading Mar 6 – Leon – Leon

Mar 4 – STRFKR – Being no-one,Going Nowhere

Recommended by Fiendly It took a while for me to appreciate this album. But once i managed to focus on it for a bit i found it an enjoyable, laid back affair. Its good music to do other things to but definitely stands up if you can actually listen to it as well. Theres a … Continue reading Mar 4 – STRFKR – Being no-one,Going Nowhere