Mar 21 – Godspeed you! Black Emperor – F#a#infinity

Recommended by regulargonzalez

I’ve never actually listened to Godspeed, I’ve vaguely aware of them but not in any specific way. Seeing the track list & length intrigued me; I’m very fond of Kaisiwa Daisuke’s Program Music I so a small number of long tracks doesn’t bother me. I didn’t find this as good as Program Music I, The first track didn’t do as much for me and I didn’t really get involved until about 15 minutes through the second.

The mixed thing about albums of this length is you can have songs that build up, I want to point out that the above doesn’t mean I didn’t like the album, theres something to be said for being able to have a song kick in after ten minutes, it’s a pleasure best left rare and I’m glad albums of this type are outside of the norm.


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