30 day challenge – Day 9

For a song that makes me happy i have to go with a song i’ve seen live, so i’m definitely going for paramores ‘Still into you’, its obviously a catchy pop-punky little piece but the main thing is that hearing it or thinking about it rekindles memories of watching the song live. Remember the darkness around me and the explosion of confetti at the end.

I don’t go to enough live music which I always feel bad about. I’m a massive fan of the atmosphere at a good gig. I love being in a crowd of a a few hundred or a few thousand and knowing that everyone there is with you because they love the same thing you do. Its such a positive experience that is hard to get anywhere else in society. You don’t go to a gig to support one band against another. When you get a crowd singing along it is the best thng basically ever.


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