Feb 3rd – The Mountain Goats – Beat the Champ

Recommended by Harry

Overall I didn’t like this album as much as Heretic pride. The first three tracks are a really solid album opening, The Legend of Chavo Guerrero has a wonderfully catchy chorus and I’ll mention foreign object in a little bit, then the rest of the album just didn’t catch me as much. Don’t get me wrong, the Mountain Goats are one of those band that ‘an OK Mountain Goats album’ is a level a lot of people would kill to be at, but i think there are better places in the discography to look if you’re wanting to start.

Foreign Object does something in music that is, in my opinion, woefully underrepresented. It’s part of a genre I refer to as Euphorically-Nihilistic. It’s a type of music that looks at the grimness of the world, or a specific situation, or in this case how you feel about someone, and says “This is hopeless and awful, isn’t that wonderful!”. I absolutely love things that lean in to the ugly side of things. This song’s chorus is one tells you your anger is beautiful and catchy and I love that.


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