Jan 15th – Summer Camp – Beyond Clueless (OST)

Recommended by Robin

Goethe, when talking about criticism of art, posited three questions, (1) What is the art trying to achieve, (2) How well have they achieved it, (3) Was it worth achieving. When listening to an OST for something i’ve never seen, and am fairely unlikely to see, I’m always going to struggle to answer the first question. With the instrumental tracks on this album I’m always wondering if they were designed to accompany some specific visual cues. I can go all Barthes on it but without the context of watching the show the music can change between moods or genres from track to track apparently at random which would make the album seem worse than someone who understands the underlying logic would find it.

OST’s can definitely contain good music, but a significant part of their appeal is that they remind you of the thing they come from and without it it’s an unmoored experience that removes the connection. I guess what I’m saying is if you’ve seen Beyond Clueless and enjoyed it then check out the OST, if you haven’t or didn’t then there will be other things much better worth your time


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