Jan 4th – Soap&Skin – Narrow

This album was recommended by Mark

I hadn’t heard of Soap&Skin before so had no idea what to expect going in. It’s moody and melancholic with an undercurrent of power that sometimes pushes its way to the surface, most of it is ambient but then occasional moment and occasional tracks just demand your attention. The two highlights for me are the first track , Vater, which spends the first half in a wistful state then turns halfway through into a wonderful, aharmonious, angry piece that I really loved. The wonderfully titled ‘Deathmental’ is a great, threatening track that exudes danger with every note.

Otherwise the rest of the album is solid and intimate. The quieter tracks don’t demand your attention but feel like they were written for you to listen too. At 28 minutes the album is quite short, I had this on while working and it always felt like it was over too quickly.


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